Two Down, One to Go: Man of Steel First Reactions

The big three are almost complete
The trio is almost complete

Holy. Balls.

Thank you #ManOfSteel.

For making me truly give a damn about #Superman for the first time. You succeeded in making #ClarkKent smart and compassionate and truly a good man, for the first time since Dwayne McDuffie’s run outside of fanfiction.

Lois Lane, the first time I can actually see this character as both a reporter and the daughter of an army general. Smart, capable and badass in her own way. 

Thank you for picking up the threads that #Smallville crapped all over when they decided to make the show less about #Clark and #Lex and more about #LanaLang’s glittery hoo-ha and having Jonathan and Martha have realistic, legitimate parental terror about what would happen to their child if anyone figured out who and what he was. 

And for once #Zod was more than a cartoon villain; he was insane, yes, but he also was desperate and scared and single minded in his purpose to protect his people. 

This movie was amazing. 

And if Christopher Meloni’s character is who I think he is, and that’s picked up later on down the line? I will be a giddy, giddy girl. 

Now…Give me Diana of Themyscira, shown the same respect and love that Clark and Bruce have gotten and I will be delighted. 


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