Penny Dreadful: S2/E1 Recap

Penny Dreadful: Season 2


Starring: Eva Green; Josh Hartnett; Timothy Dalton; Reeve Carney; Rory Kinnear; Helen McCrory; Billie Piper; Danny Sapani; Harry Treadaway

Episode 1: Fresh Hell

Vanessa and Ethan, targets once more....
Vanessa and Ethan, targets once more….


We pick up from the end of last season with Vanessa appearing at peace for the first time in a while. However that’s ruined immediately by her stalker: Madame Kali, who starts chanting in what sounds like Aramaic sending Vanessa to the ground with visions of things to come.

Meanwhile, Ethan wakes up to a bloodbath, the entirety of the Mariner’s Inn destroyed by his wolfing out, he freaks out, as one does, and instantly makes plans to roll out, finding Vanessa and telling her that he needs to go. Vanessa has no intention of letting her best friend leave but before she can talk him out of it their carriage is attacked by creatures, clearly intent on kidnapping them both.

Vanessa and Ethan fight them off as best they can but they’re almost overwhelmed when one of the creatures begins speaking at them, again in what sounds like Aramaic, Vanessa reacts instinctively, speaking in Latin right back and that seems to make them roll out. However, when Ethan and Vanessa stumble out into the open, finding everything: carriage, driver and horse gutted and destroyed, the clearly shocked and scared duo don’t notice they’re being watched by the now shapeshifted creatures.

While this hot mess is happening, Frankenstein and Caliban are desecrating poor Brona’s body, in an attempt to bring her back to be Caliban’s bride. Frankenstein hopes that bringing Brona back will make Caliban take a hike, but Caliban has no intention of leaving his ‘Father’ alone, no matter what he gives him.

Sir Malcolm, who’s been gone less than twenty-four hours, has no idea his adopted children are already in the deep end. He’s too busy dealing with the fallout of last season and has taken Mina’s body home to Lady Gladys. However, once their child is put to rest, finally, Gladys tells Malcolm he can eff right off, despite his insistence that he’d like to come home. Gladys has lost all of her children thanks to Malcolm and his obsessions and is one hundred percent done with his shite.

Caliban begins looking for work, to support his soon to be wife, and finds it in a waxworks museum owned by the eccentric Putney family, who may or may not have other motives for hiring him. I’m sure he’ll find a way to eff everything up, as he does, especially with their beautiful, blind daughter Lavinia around.

Sembene worriedly tells Ethan that Vanessa hasn’t eaten, slept or left her room since the incident and finally the gang is reunited in an attempt to figure out what the hell is going on and what’s after Vanessa now.

Knowing your Latin and Aramaic is useful for this show, as we find out that the language spoken is a bastardized version of them both called the Verbis Diablo: The Devil’s Language. Seems it’s the go to language for Madame Kali, and her ‘daughters’, the creatures who attacked Vanessa and Ethan earlier. They have plans for the two of them, to return Vanessa to their master and bring Ethan, whom they’ve figured out is werewolf, to them for who only knows what purpose, probably demon/werewolf super babies.

This can only end poorly.

The episode ends with both of Sir Malcolm’s spiritual children under one roof, Ethan having moved in to protect his ‘sister’; Madame Kali tasking her eldest, Hecate, to continue her stalking of Ethan (I see an unwanted crush springing up, poor Ethan, he attracts the loons); and newly arisen Brona standing before Frankenstein and Caliban, we’ll see how much she remembers and just how quickly this escalates into badness.

I look forward to it.

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