Galavant S1:E1 & E2 Recap


Cast: Timothy Omundson; Joshua Sasse; Mallory Jansen; Karen David; Vinnie Jones; Luke Youngblood

Guest: John Stamos as Sir Jean Hamm

Episode 1 & 2: Pilot and Joust Friends


We begin with the smoking hot Galavant off to save his true love, Madalena, from enforced marriage to King Richard, however…


Madalena finds being married to the most powerful man in the kingdom, despite how much she loathes him, has its advantages ie: money, power, fame and the ability to make your husband do whatever you want as long as there’s a chance at getting some Good-Good


Which Richard will do anything to get, including invading the peaceful kingdom of Valencia for its priceless jewel, which leads to the beautiful and smart Princess Isabella going off to find Galavant to help her save her parents and kingdom.


Did I mention smart? Isabella’s working to free her parents and save her people by any means necessary, even if she has to use the somewhat still heroic Galavant, who’s fallen apart completely in the wake of Madalena’s marriage.

Problem is she’s actually starting to like Galavant and his adorable squire Sid


Who’s just trying to keep Galavant clothed and fed at this point and who sees a huge opportunity in the Princess’ quest for Gal to get his crap together and regain the reputation he built before Madalena broke him into pieces


Meanwhile Gareth is trying to butch up King Richard for various reasons, up to and including actually getting Richard into his own wife’s garters.

So far? So awesome.

This show is fun, the songs are clever and entire cast has chemistry with one another. The show owes a huge debt to Monty Python and Into the Woods and it knows it. The twists on the typical musical and fairy tale tropes are done deftly and with panache.

Check it out, the entire first season is available on Hulu and the new season begins in January 2016.

Shoutouts: Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Jon Hamm


Never start a marriage with a kidnapping, both of you promise me that. – Richard

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