Supernatural S11:E2

Supernatural  The CW
The CW

Starring: Jensen Ackles; Jared Padalecki; Misha Collins; Mark Sheppard

Guest Starring: Emily Swallow; Lacy J. Mailey, Lee Majdoub, Christine Willes, Gracyn Shinyei, Lisa Berry

The episode begins with all the boys still separated and Sam stuck in Superior trying to find a cure for the Croatoan by kidnapping those who have it who can still function.

Dean takes Jenna to her grandmother’s and Jenna notices that baby Amara adores Dean. Dean brushes it off but let’s her know to check in frequently. Jenna’s also worried about Dean and Sam being safe, he tells her that safe is a relative term for them. That does not reassure her surprisingly.

Jenna’s awesome grandmother tells her that she looks like shite and puts her and Amara to bed. Or she tries but Amara ain’t having that shite and would kindly like Dean returned to her now mothereffers. Also, food please.

It’d be cute if it wasn’t so inherently terrifying.

Sam is covered in black veins but has managed to hold off the virus for at least the last 24 hours but his newest hostage ain’t talking unless he gets pudding. What is up with pudding on this show?

Cas’ captors, Ephram and Jonah, start with the torture, they want to know where Metatron is, and as usual start whining about his connection to the Winchesters. I’m so utterly bored with them I cannot with their ongoing lack of growth as characters as a whole. It makes me annoyed. They also don’t listen when he tells them flat out that he’s cursed.

A smoking hot Reaper named Billie shows up to let Sam know that a: Death is super duper dead, b: there is no new boss as yet so c: the reapers have decided that Dean and Sam constantly dying and coming back is done. Death thought it was funny, they do not. And Billie knows that Sam is dying. He smells tainted. In the biblical sense.

She looks forward to sending them to the Empty.

Hannah, now a smoking hot dude, because gender swapping is how this show rolls, shows up to save Castiel, and let’s him know that bad things are coming: The other angels hate him and the Winchesters; Metatron is missing; and Heaven knows something happened in Superior but they don’t know what. They do know that alarms are going off that have never gone off before. Ever.

Sam goes to God to ask for help: he doesn’t want him to clean up his mess. He just wants Dean to have a life and a sign, any sign that there’s hope. What he gets instead is a vision of himself being tortured.

Sam is unimpressed.

When Dean shows back up at Jenna’s, she called him immediately when the baby starts tk’ng the shite out of everything; she informs him that her grandmother, who is a BOSS, called in an exorcist, which is EXACTLY THE RIGHT WAY TO HANDLE THIS SITUATION.

If only it didn’t turn out to be Crowley.

Dean quietly flips his shite, which Jenna picks up on immediately and ‘Father’ Crowley lets Jenna and her grandmother know that he knows Dean alright. Which Dean does not deny.

::I cannot stop laughing::

Crowley is super pissed at Sam and Cas and apparently been at Defcon One because Dean going missing last week wasn’t only noticed by Sam. Aww. He was worried. He also can taste the power that baby Amara is giving off and would like to know what the eff she is. Dean doesn’t know. It’s moot for the moment anyway because Jenna’s gone nuts and killed her grandmother after telling Amara that Dean was there.

Sam’s getting the ‘I’m about to turn into a zombie’ night sweats but has the presence of mind to remember what Billie told him about being tainted. He figures out that holy oil removes that taint and sets fire to a small batch. Then he sets himself on fire. It works and he starts luring other infected into the hospital to do the same to them.

You guys are going to need more holy oil.

Dean and Crowley realize Jenna has no soul now because Amara ate it. Crowley’s fascinated and Dean’s horrified.

Either way? She’s a growing girl. 


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