Supergirl S1:E8 Recap





Melissa Benoist; Mehcad Brooks; Chyler Leigh; Jeremy Jordan with David Harewood and Calista Flockhart


Guest Starring:

Laura Benanti; Peter Facinelli; Jenna Dewan Tatum; Chris Vance; Peter Mackenzie; Eric Steinberg; Tristin Mays; Jeannine Cota; Aaron Lustig; Rene Ashton; Dar Dixon; Casey Strand; Bryan Lugo



Hostile Takeover


Astra, with Kryptonite proof clothing, leads an ambush on Kara, using Hank’s kryptonite knife. Astra tells Kara she wants her to join her cause. Kara’s answer? The Luke Skywalker school of refusal. Astra is not pleased. Nor is her Lieutenant/husband Non, who tells her that if Kara doesn’t join up and Astra dies trying to convert her, he’s going to kill the living crap out of Kara.  


Cat gets hacked and the Daily Planet gleefully starts publishing all her personal emails because they’re dicks. Cat tasks Kara, James and Winn to go through her emails and trace the hack. When the board calls a meeting Cat is suspicious that Dirk, her CEO is just waiting for a chance to throw her to the wolves. When Kara overhears him speaking to the other board members she realizes that he’s the one who hired someone to hack Cat. She, James and Winn go to Lucy to get her advice and Lucy tells them they need hard proof, so Winn builds a bug and James plants it on Dirk’s computer and they’re in.


As they’re decrypting Dirk’s emails, the gang finds out that Cat has a son, Adam, who she’s been paying to take care of after she lost her fight for custody and realized that Adam was better off without her.  When Cat finds out that the hacker has that information she chooses to step down rather than put Adam through being in the middle of a shitestorm. She’s stopped by James, Winn and Lucy who have definitive proof that Dirk was behind the hack. Cat proceeds to own Dirk’s arse in every way possible. It’s amazing.


In flashback we see that it was Astra who tried to tell everyone that Krypton was dying and was doing whatever she felt was necessary to deal with the situation. I’ve a feeling she pulled a Zhann in her efforts. Apparently Alura used Astra’s affection for Kara to trick Astra into coming out of hiding.


Hank and Alex tell Kara to step back from all of this and take a day as she’s too close to the situation.  Kara’s not listening and when Astra calls her out she goes all in, beating the snot out of her. Kara brings her to the DEO HQ and has her locked up swearing she wants nothing to do with her from here on out but when Astra awakes she states she’ll only speak with Kara, no one else. Astra drops the information that Alura set her up, using Kara to do so, and Kara flips out, especially when she confronts Holo!Alura and confirms that Astra is telling the truth.


The bigger problem is that Astra wanted to be caught, which Hank and Alex realize, but too late for Lord Technologies which is under attack from Astra’s troops. Max has some Kryptonite based tech that he uses immediately, good boy, but there are non-Kryptonians in play and the actual Kryptonians have the Kryptonite proof armor on. When one of them tries to throw down with Hank they get a surprise as does the one who tries to take out Alex but they are outnumbered, even with Kara’s help and Max’s tech and we end with everyone in full battle mode.


Also? Cat figures out that Kara is Supergirl. Because Cat is the BEST.


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