Supernatural S11:E15

Beyond the Mat

At a local wrestling match The Hangman takes things a wee bit too far and almost kills Harley, who tells him to get his shite together. However it’s too late as someone kills Larry ‘The Hangman’ Lee with his own rope.  At the bunker Dean’s seen the notice and wants to go to the funeral as The Hangman was John’s favorite wrestler. At first Sam’s not down due to the whole Casifer thing but Dean, who looks like utter shite as does Sam, is like ‘I CANNOT’. He levels up to ‘I CANNOT EVEN’ when Sam reminds him that Cas choose to let Lucifer take over his body. Sam agrees to take a break.

In hell Casifer has his demons looking for another Hand of God while making Crowley clean the floor with a toothbrush, then his tongue. Hot baby demon, Simmons, who stood out last week, and has since made herself indispensable to Lucifer says she’s a Crowley sympathizer and springs him from Lucifer’s control. I think this is a long con on Lucifer’s part, especially as Crowley takes her to where he has the Rod Of Aaron stored and it turns out it’s another Hand of God.

At the funeral the boys meet their respective heroes: Gunner Lawless and Rio, who used to manage Superbomb Sanchez. Rio looks amazing and Sam has to tamp down his massive…crush because Rio is grieving and worried because Larry wasn’t the only one who’s died lately.

Some creepy guy shows up in the locker room to give Gunner something right before the match, which Harley oversees. Later a drunk dad wanders out after the match to pee and gets stabbed and the boys reluctantly realize they have a case when they find out that the body was marked the hell up. Sam goes to look up the marks while Dean talks to the wrestlers and dorks out hardcore for a moment. Rio tells Dean what she told Sam with the added information that she’s beginning to think the tour is cursed. Rio might be onto something as Sam finds out the symbol is Ancient Sumerian and that on every stop of the tour someone died.

Harley is drunk and pissy and ready to start some shite, especially as he thinks Gunner is a junkie, but when Dean pours holy water into Gunner’s shot to see if he’s a demon nothing happens. That’s because Gunner’s not a demon, he’s a demon’s henchman. Duke, the guy Harley thought was a dealer, is actually an ancient Sumerian demon and Gunner made a deal with him ten years ago: he’ll kill for Duke and leave the symbol so Duke can collect the souls, in exchange for the title, which he got. For a whole week. Monkey’s paws for everyone!

Duke’s collecting souls for a little nest egg as Hell is out of control with Crowley gone and Casifer in charge. Speaking of, I was right and Simmons was totally a plant on Lucifer’s part, except Crowley expected that and used the staff to try and kill Casifer. Which would’ve worked had Simmons not gotten in the way. When Casifer goes to deal with Crowley, Crowley bamfs out and Casifer begins to realize he’s grossly underestimated all of the players in this drama.

Dean’s able to talk Gunner down when Duke sets Gunner on him and together they take Gunner out but, as Gunner made a deal of his own free will and has killed a lot of people in service of it, the hellhounds come. When they get home Sam once again asks Dean if he’s okay and Dean’s like, ‘NO. I AM NOT. And I won’t be until my boyfriend is returned. Get on it!’.
Shoutouts:  The entire WWE


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