Galavant S2:E7 Recap

Love and Death

madalena and gareth
Madalena and Gareth

Gareth is planning his invasion of Hortensia with Wormwood’s help. He instructs his men to take Isabella alive for Madalena’s sake and when he does Madalena tells him she loves him. Gareth is totally floored. He swears no one has said that to him before, conveniently forgetting that Richard told him this on the regular.  

Madalena has what can only be described as a total breakdown when she realizes she’s actually in love with Gareth. She panics and tries to run from it but Gareth won’t let her until she actually talks to him. He lets her know that there’s no pressure but they have to talk to each other no matter what.

Sid and Neo of Sporin

Sid joins Richard and Bobby as they race to get Galavant to a healer. They get to Neo of Sporin who seems a bit…insane and who doesn’t seem to understand what the words ‘Help. Please. He’s dying.’ mean. Sid is also never living down stabbing his own knight.


Only Richard’s hair can save Galavant from certain death as he’s untouched by a woman and blessed by a unicorn, the same unicorn that’s been following him for a while. Richard is embarrassed but everyone, especially Bobby, thinks it’s cool leading her to confess her love to him. 

galavant and isabella
Galavant and Isabella

Isabella receives a ‘save the date’ card for the war from Wormwood because Barry is adorably idiotic. She ends up being the commander in chief because her father is terrible at war, hence being invaded by Richard in the first place, and everyone in Hortensia is just as bad: their war treasury is a bunch of children’s toys because Harry is ELEVEN. Isabella is like, ‘WHAT LEVEL OF HELL IS THIS??’

Galavant meanwhile, meets with Death who’s backup wraiths try to guide him to the underworld but he sees Isabella, who’s preparing for the war, and realizes she doesn’t think he loves her and freaks out, punching Death in the nuts and rolling out. He also receives Neo’s undead army (he’d been experimenting on fallen soldiers) because, in Neo’s words ‘They freak me out’.

Finally the storylines are coming together….

Shoutouts: Portlandia; Game of Thrones; The Walking Dead


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