Penny Dreadful S3:E3 Recap

Pop Culture Uncovered

Good And Evil Braided Be

Ethan, You In Danger Boy

In America Kaetenay and Malcolm are hot on Ethan’s trail, as are Rusk and Ostow. What I find fascinating is that Rusk is slowly starting to realize that Ethan’s not actually in control when he kills and tries to minimize the damage when and where he can. He comes to that conclusion via the same reason that Kaetenay tells Malcolm they need to get a hurry on: Hecate. She kills indiscriminately and viciously in a way that Ethan doesn’t when he’s in full control of his form. Kaetenay is deeply concerned, as he should be, about the fact that she’s with Ethan. And that’s before Malcolm tells him just who and what she is.

I’m just waiting to find out if I’m right and Hecate is there at Lucifer’s command to seduce Ethan to him.

Long Walks and Drama


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