TV Review: Flash: Invincible

Pop Culture Uncovered

There’s a lot of things I’ve liked about the Flash. I’ve liked the optimism that’s largely defined the show, the expansive imagination with effects despite what must be a real tight budget on network television, and the attempts to keep the adventures as near the comics that every Flash from Jay Garrick to Barry Allen to Wally West had. Even with Season 2’s frankly repetitive attempts to recapture what made Season 1 so great, there was still plenty to enjoy: the addition of Wally West to the cast, the introduction to Earth-2, and episodes like the return of the Rogues.

However, ever since the reveal of Jay Garrick being Zoom, the show has somehow become even more muddled. Zoom having vague motivations worked at least somewhat during the time when he was meant to be a mysterious threat behind the scenes, but his lack of consistent motivations is glaring…

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