Containment S1:E4 Recap

Pop Culture Uncovered

With Silence and Tears

Love Makes You Stupid

With everyone inside the cordon cut off from the outside world, Xander becomes desperate to see Teresa. This leads to him to doing a series of idiotic things that, I guess, are supposed to make him seem like the Romeo to her Juliet but end up making him seem reckless at best. This is especially true when, after he breaks the cordon, he enters a home, unmasked and gloved, of some infected then goes to see Teresa, potentially exposing her and the baby.

Try Walking In My Shoes

Xander is able to break the cordon with Leo’s help who spends the episode pushing Lex’s buttons and generally being a dick. While I get that he wants Lex to not just blindly follow orders there are ways of going about it that don’t endanger the lives of everyone involved, but for the second episode in…

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