Penny Dreadful S3:E4 Recap

Pop Culture Uncovered

A Blade Of Grass

Due to the nature of this episode I’m going to approach it a bit differently than usual, hope you like!

Picking up from last week Vanessa is being put under by Seward and as with everything Vanessa related, she goes all the way up to eleven with it.

We get an even more disturbing view of so called Victorian therapy than we received a few seasons back as we see all the bullshite that led up to Vanessa being trepanned and it’s every bit as horrible as you think and then some. The only bright spot is, surprisingly, (still human for the moment) Caliban. Once he’s over his innate douchery and stops drinking the kool-aid that what’s happening in the place is anything other than torture he truly becomes the only thing that’s keeping Vanessa sane.

Which is fortunate as Lucifer and Dracula stop by to…

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