Gotham Season 2 Finale Recap and Review

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Whether you love Gotham or hate it the one thing that can never be said about this show is that it’s boring. Unlike its contemporaries Gotham consistently, and with wild abandon, goes all in, all the time. This was exemplified in the second season finale as we watched all the major players converge on Arkham and insanity ensued, within and without.

Cleanup on Aisle Four

With Clayface deployed as Jim to throw Harvey, Alfred and the GCPD off the scent, Hugo begins the task of finding out just what Bruce, Jim and Lucius know about who is really behind all the chaos that has erupted since the Waynes died and Falcone was deposed as the head of the mob in Gotham. The answer to that is zip as the boys all thought Hugo, and by default Indian Hill, was where the buck stopped. Surprisingly, after finding out this information…

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