The Mindy Project S4:E20

Pop Culture Uncovered

The Greatest Date In The World

Uprising at Schulman and Associates!

Jeremy is holding one of his daily meetings and it’s a mess as always, but something good comes of it: the nurses demand a lounge of their own. Jeremy acquiesces as it’s a good idea, but gets his feelings hurt when the nurses actually do what the lounge is for: bitch about their bosses and jobs. It gets so bad that Mindy and Jody have to be the ones to have level heads about it.

Stay In Your Lane

Speaking of boundaries, Mindy crosses several in her quest to make sure her favorite patient doesn’t make a baby with her flake of a boyfriend. Mindy’s right: you can’t make someone be an adult and bringing a baby into the mix is a bad idea, but it’s irrelevant. It’s not her place to make Eden’s decisions for her, it’s her…

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