Penny Dreadful S3:E5 Recap

Pop Culture Uncovered

This World Is Our Hell

Victor You Never Learn

We spend some brief moments in London with Victor and Henry being idiots, with some special, next level cruelty from Victor who decides to shoot up their patient with an electrified needle, filled with Henry’s serum directly into his eyeball. It’s awful but it works and dude doesn’t even know who they are much less what he’s doing there. Victor practically creams himself at the thought of doing the same to Brona!Lily to get her ‘back’. Except there is no Lily to get back because she never existed. I cannot wait for that particular hammer to get dropped on his dumbass. Also? Henry is too good for Victor and his bullshite and I want him to meet everyone else soon, especially Ethan, whom I think he would have a lot in common with.

The Ish Hits The Fan


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