Weekend Coverage: X-Men: Alpha

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With X-Men: Apocalypse set to release this month, it’s worth taking a look back at the storyline that really elevated the titular character’s status. Kicking off the fabled “Age of Apocalypse” story, 1994’s X-Men: Alpha introduced a generation of readers to one of Marvel’s most ambitious stories to date and the concept of a radically altered Marvel Universe.

Backing up a bit: the mutant Apocalypse had been introduced years earlier in Marvel’s X-Factor title as an uber-ambitious mutant terrorist. As his history developed over the years, he was gradually revealed to be one of Marvel’s oldest mutants whose origins could be traced back to ancient Egypt. (He was retroactively revealed to have been involved in some of Marvel’s key moments and was even hinted to have been behind Wolverine’s metal skeleton.) Immensely powerful, the X-Factor and the X-Men nevertheless defeated him time and again.

In 1993, the X-Men’s “Legion Quest”…

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