The CW begins the search for Superman

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The CW has wasted no time generating excitement for the fall premiere of Supergirl, announcing this week that Kara Zor-el’s sliiiiiightly more famous cousin will be appearing on the first two episodes of Supergirl to help the Woman of Steel get comfortable on her new network. Naturally, about 1.2 milliseconds after it was announced, the speculation as to who would be assuming the mantle of Superman began. So I figured, why don’t I add to the rampant speculation? With that said, here are some people I could see being contenders.

Tom Welling


Because duh. Of all the actors that have played Superman and could still pull it off – Tom Welling is the only viable contender. Brandon Routh is already on Legends of Tomorrow playing Ray Palmer, and unless the CW goes for some sort of strange Parent Trap situation – he’s out. Dean Cain already has a role on

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