The Mindy Project S4:E23 Recap

Mindy. Why are you so cute?

Pop Culture Uncovered

There’s No Crying in Softball

Whatta Man, Whatta Man

Drew and Mindy have been seeing each other on the downlow for a month now and it’s going really well. However, Mindy, gunshy from Danny, isn’t telling anyone beyond Morgan what’s up. Mindy keeps expecting everything to blow up but Drew keeps showing, in small but very important ways, that he’s a good guy. The most important? His respect for Mindy’s son taking priority over their relationship and the boundaries she must have due to that.

Yay Team?

One of the effects of Danny and Mindy’s break up has been a loss of patients, and while the gang has been rebuilding it’s taking longer than usual because Mindy and Jody are focused on Later Baby. The other effect is that the office has become a bit more of a cohesive unit, evidenced by them forming a softball team, with The Midwives

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