Penny Dreadful S3:E8

Pop Culture Uncovered

Before We Begin

One of the benefits of cutting the cord is that I can put my money where my mouth is in a way that I really couldn’t when I had premium cable/satellite. Which is why, when Showtime unceremoniously cancelled Penny Dreadful, leaving its fans heartbroken and its characters’ arcs/growth gutted I was able to make a decision I would not have been able to make 3 months ago: cancelling my Showtime subscription. Penny Dreadful was the only show I watched on Showtime so there’s no reason for me to keep giving my money to a channel that clearly doesn’t want it. Good job Showtime. You played yourself. Now, let’s look at this week’s episode.

Perpetual Night: The Blessed Dark Part One 

What In The Actual Eff?

Ethan and the others return and London is dead, for realsies. There’s death fog everywhere (literal death, it’s killed 7000…

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