Game Of Thrones S6:E9 Recap

Pop Culture Uncovered

Battle of the Bastards

She’s Back

Dany would very much like to know why shite’s on fire and Tyrion’s like, ‘So… some stuff went down while you were gone but it’s not as bad as you think.’ Dany, for once, listens to him and they come up with a plan: reach out to The Masters to negotiate a surrender. The Masters, of course, think it’s Dany surrendering but should’ve known that wasn’t the case when Dany rolled in with her squad calm as the day is long. They talk that mess they always talk and Dany’s like, ‘Or, me and my dragons can set your world on fire. Literally.’ Dany mounts Drogon and he, Viserion and Rhaegel proceed to wreck The Masters’ fleet with the quickness. Tyrion, Missandei and Grey Worm stay behind to deal with The Masters themselves and give them the choice of which one of them gets to…

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