The Mindy Project S3:E24

Pop Culture Uncovered

My Kid Stays In The Picture


Mindy takes Leo to audition for her favorite soap, with coaching assistance from a surprisingly adept Jeremy. Despite this being Leo’s first audition, he gets the part, delighting Mindy and making the backup baby’s momma jealous. Mindy is oblivious though, and forgets Jeremy’s advice to be aware that the most dangerous person on set are fellow stage mothers. This leads to Leo getting bumped and Mindy being bummed but….well, you’ll see.

Can Of Worms

So, in the course of the episode Colette, who’s still fighting with Jody about Courtney, and Morgan switch doctors with Morgan becoming Jody’s nurse and Colette becoming Mindy’s. Of course Colette cannot handle being Mindy’s assistant/nurse/caterer and Morgan doesn’t know what to do with himself when not being ordered around by Mindy and both start to have mini breakdowns. The fallout is Jody calls in Forbes, his and Colette’s…

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