Penny Dreadful Series Finale Review

Penny Dreadful is over and I’m still peeved.

Pop Culture Uncovered

I really had a hard time trying to decide how I wanted to approach this finale. The truncated way the show ended combined with the backpedaling of its creative team made this one of the more difficult pieces I’ve had to write and reminded me of how I felt when FarScape was cancelled, except in that case the creators had no idea that the rug was being pulled out from under them and the network realized its mistake and made the proper moves to rectify it.

In the end I decided to treat it as I would any other recap with some highlights at the end regarding what happened within the show itself to belie the statements of John Logan that he had no more story to tell.

Now, onto the show:

The Blessed Dark: The End

Beauty In Darkness

We begin as our beloved dreadfuls prepare for the war…

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