Pokemon Go, you hoodwinked us.


Pop Culture Uncovered

What the heck Niantic? We all had a good deal going on here!!! All of us would choose between 3 gaming consoles and we would live out our lives in relative shelter in our basements or gaming rooms. Who the heck are you to upset the natural order of things? You come out with this Pokemon Go app that anyone can get on their mobile device and…and…you give it away for free? Are you mad?

It started off cute, I downloaded it and within a few minutes I had my first Pokemon. It was really neato! But no, that wasn’t enough for you Niantic. In order for me to catch more, I had to move around. Why should I do this? Why couldn’t you just include some micro-transactions so that way I could just drop obscene amounts of money and buy a virtual MewTwo and be the envy of…

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