Mr Robot – S2:E1 Pt 1 Recap

Mr Robot is back. Get ready.

Pop Culture Uncovered

Where Did You Go?

As we suspected, Tyrell was with Elliot when he pulled off the biggest hack in history. Of course Tyrell is throwing shade on the whole enterprise, or at least Elliot’s motivations, yet still can’t see that his motivations aren’t exactly sunshine and rainbow based. Only Mr Robot knows what happens from there, because Elliot doesn’t remember. He’s blocked everything that’s happened since he hit ‘send’ on the computer, and despite how hard he tries he can’t unlock the part of his brain that would upload the files he needs.

Just The Beginning

The season premiere answers a few question regarding last year’s insane finale, while opening up a whole new can of worms as we check in with the crews of fSociety and Evil Corp. We find out a little bit more regarding the Alderson family and their highly dysfunctional relationships, and some new players…

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