Great Moments in Championship History: Shane Douglas Throws Down the Belt

Pop Culture Uncovered

Another Monday, another important moment for wrestling here at PCU. After last week’s look at CM Punk and his famous Pipe Bomb, this week we’ll be exploring another genre shaking moment. With this moment, the old guard was more or less dead, bringing about a new age that came to many mediums in the mid to late 90s. The wrestling landscape was on a sharp, edgier path. A more extreme path. And this promo and the fallout were a driving force in that.

On August 27th, 1994; the National Wrestling Alliance, the preeminent body in professional wrestling for much of the 20th century, set out to crown a new World Champion in a tournament in Philadelphia, after the title had to be vacated due to WCW and Ric Flair. This was the home territory of ECW (Eastern Championship Wrestling), one of the NWA bodies, and it was decided by Tod…

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