Mr Robot – S2:E4 Recap

Elliot’s makes some decisions.

Pop Culture Uncovered


All For One, One in All

Elliot, after receiving advice from Ray, decides to make a deal with Mr Robot: they’ll play chess and whoever wins stays. Permanently. The other goes back into the void never to be seen or heard from again. This? Is a hugely bad idea but Elliot won’t even consider the idea of a page merge so that he’s not constantly fighting himself. Fortunately (unfortunately?) it doesn’t work: Elliot can’t beat himself, so he resigns himself to Mr Robot being around, if for no other reason than because Darlene needs them both and Elliot will always do what’s necessary to protect his little sister.

Look Before You Leap

Which is what leads him to helping Ray with his ‘computer problems’ and letting Mr Robot ride shotgun. Ray may seem like the wisest care bear ever but I’ve no doubt he’s a stone cold killer and…

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