Civil War II and What Comicdom Can’t Talk About

Dear Fandom,
Shall we have a real discussion?

Pop Culture Uncovered

Cops get killed on a depressingly regular basis. You can easily find dashcam footage of this kind of tragedy (trigger warning–features murder caught on camera): a cop pulls someone over who then acts noncompliant with the cop’s lawful demands. Despite the cop’s pleas, the suspect eventually manages to reach for a gun and kill the officer. We can debate the merits of at exactly what moment the cop should have engaged in self-defense, but surely we should agree that it’s somewhere before the other guy shot him.

But hold on: this isn’t a pro-cop piece. Because we’ve also all seen the footage of Philando Castile’s death after he was shot by a police officer in Minnesota following his stop for a broken taillight. As it appears, Castile was reaching for his identification after letting the cop know that he was lawfully carrying a firearm under state law. For whatever…

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