Another Round of BlackFace

Oh for pete’s sake.

Pop Culture Uncovered

Here we go again. We have another person who chose accuracy over decency when it came to cosplaying a character. Let me introduce you to Mamoru Cosplay. This actor/director with a whopping 1.7 star rating has decided to grace us with new pictures of this amazing photo shoot he has done of him dressed as Ruby Rhod, played by Chris Tucker, from The Fifth Element. All seemed well. He kept it moving. He took his paint off and went about his life like nothing happened, until the comments section began to blow up. Some showed their concerns about just how accurate he needed to be to portray the flirtatious Ruby, while others praised him for how well he did on changing his complexion. Two days later he came out with this statement  with this picture that’s he is just so proud of:


In his statement, he…

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