Ta-Neshi Coates Visits Fantom Comics Book Club

This. Is. Awesome.

Pop Culture Uncovered

 Meeting the people you admire can often be disappointing. While sometimes they appear almost Olympian from afar, capable of duplicating Hercules’ 12 labors with ease. However upon meeting them in person these same demigods are revealed to be all too mortal, filled with hubris to the point of bursting. With all of the praise (well deserved) that has been heaped upon the shoulders of Ta-Neshi Coates you’d expect some moments of supreme swagger. If within two years’ time as a writer you’d won the George Polk award for commentary, a National Book award, NAACP Image award, named a Pulitzer price finalist, received a MacArthur grant and described by Toni Morrison as the spiritual heir to James Baldwin, some degree of arrogance isn’t just expected, truthfully it’s justified.

Mr. Coates, currently a national correspondent for the Atlantic magazine and current writer of Marvel Comics Black Panther didn’t bring any such…

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