It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Super…Women? Superwoman #1

Pop Culture Uncovered

Superwoman #1 (DC Rebirth)

Art by: Matt Santorelli, Phil Jimenez
Cover by: Phil Jimenez
Variant cover by: Rachel Dodson, Terry Dodson
Letters: Rob Leigh
Written by: Phil Jimenez
DC Comics

***Spoilers ahead***

Smallville, Kansas? Let me tell you, there are spoilers if you haven’t read the other bits of DC’s Rebirth, like me. If you have but have forgotten (if you haven’t, you’ve been warned), let’s recap: Clark died in the presence of Lana Lang and Lois Lane, Lex Luthor is a “Superman,” and some weird stuff is happening.

Let’s look at Smallville first. Lois visits Lana at the Kent farm, which has a “For Sale” sign on it, presumably due to Clark’s death. The comic cuts back to this visit in other panels, but the important part of this conversation happens on the first page: Lois asks Lana for help mastering the powers she has acquired…

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