Mr Robot – S2:E11 Recap

Pop Culture Uncovered

After the events of last episode Dom’s in the hospital looking exactly as you’d expect for someone who almost (but not quite…hmm) got murdered, again, and she is 100% done. Santiago tries that soothing voice bullshite and Dom’s like, ‘Look here. We are at war. These mofos tried to kill me twice. TWICE! How many more times I got to get shot at before you start taking me seriously?’ Santiago clears the room and finally admits that he actually does believe her and that he thinks that the Dark Army has their tentacles in the FBI based on the  multi- trillion dollar bailout China just granted the United States. Dom’s like, ‘Dafuq you just say?’ Santiago lays out the deal that the US and China made and then they agree to keep running with Dom’s theory but under the radar as they don’t know who they can trust.


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