Gotham S3:E4 Recap

Pop Culture Uncovered

Mad City: New Day Rising

Author’s Note: This episode deals with issues of mental, sexual and emotional abuse of a minor by a family member, I would strongly recommend viewer discretion.

Alice Tetch has had a hard life. Having lost her parents at a young age she’s left alone, with blood that can kill and a brother who crossed the line of familial love into creepy incest many, many years ago. Now held by the GCPD for a crime she accidentally committed, she desperately tries to warn them of the danger they’re all in. Unfortunately, only Jim – who’s had up close and personal time with Jervis Tetch – fully believes her.

This episode we get even more, increasingly disturbing, Jervis Tetch and his revolting obsession with his baby sister Alice who’s been running from him since childhood. Meanwhile, Ed and Oswald’s bromance continues to grow, mutate and take over…

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