Star Wars Rebels S3E5: “The Last Battle”

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“The Last Battle” perhaps unintentionally raises the point that the Clone Wars animated series never had a proper wrap-up. In some ways it couldn’t, because Revenge of the Sith is the official conclusion of the Clone Wars as a Star Wars historical event. Nonetheless, there wasn’t much of a conclusion to the story or a drawdown to what characters like Rex were fighting for.

So “The Last Battle” gives us is a bit of Gilligan’s Island fun, where the Ghost crew takes a trip to the planet Agomar to find some easy munitions for the Republic. Turns out Agomar was the site of a major Clone Wars battle, and Rex recalls that there’s probably leftover weaponry there that the fledgling Rebellion can use. So while Hera and Sabine go off on a fuel-running mission (we don’t see much of them this week), the guys go on a scavenger hunt only…

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