Supernatural S12:E2 Recap

Pop Culture Uncovered

Mamma Mia

The British Men Of Letters, at least in the form of Lady Toni Bevell, remain absolute monsters. Since outright torture didn’t work, she takes to mind-rape in the form of spell work and drugs. So yeah. The BMOL are gross AF. However Sam doesn’t crack, even going so far as to break the spell with the power of his big brain and pure spite. Toni falls back on torture, but gets a call from one of her fellow BMOL, seems Torture Spice has gone far, far off script: she was supposed to make contact with Sam and Dean and float an alliance between them and the BMOL, in hopes of resurrecting the American branch. Instead she and Ms Watt went in assuming the Winchesters wouldn’t listen, and with some deeply ingrained anti-supernatural prejudices, so they decided to go with torture first, questions later. Now the BMOL version of…

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