The Flash- Season 3: New Rogues

Pop Culture Uncovered

We are approaching peak Silver Age Flash, because we’ve finally got Mirror Master on the scene, and Wentworth Miller is back making hammy puns from the word go. That is the Flash I know and love. Any episode that has Captain Cold making three puns in less than a minute is one worth watching. Also, the episode deals with a more familiar mode of Barry Allen for fans of the comics. While Jessie has powers like Barry’s, he’s had them for several years at this point, and having Barry actually be self-assured as opposed to constantly wet behind the ears is great. It makes the show more fun as it allows its reach to expand, and it gives Jessie a chance to have a more front and center angle within the cast. It also reveals new depths for Harry as an overprotective father when Jessie and Wally pretty clearly start hanging out as more than…

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