Binge Watching and Me: A Supernatural Tale

My boy Pauly did the 11 years of Supernatural in less than 4 months, here’s how it went!

Pop Culture Uncovered

I have a confession to make. Until June of 2016, I had never seen an episode of Supernatural. From tv overload, timing, and desire issues, It was far too late to just jump in and hope to catch on, so I ignored the show. I lived without the adventures of Dean and Sam Winchester, battling ghosts, demons, and all sorts of bump in the night fiends. I am not sure what held me back from watching first runs, but it was time to jump into the deep end.


Then I discovered the program on Netflix. I began to watch and was admittedly hooked from the first episode. College boy Sam is enticed back to the family business of hunting monsters by his hard shelled brother Dean with the hook being to locate their dad. Sounds catchy enough. Not all pilots end, however, with one of the main protagonist’s girlfriend…

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