Supernatural S12:E4 Recap

Man I HATE the British Men of Letters

Pop Culture Uncovered

A priest is performing cantor when a young woman walks into the church, speaking in tongues and bleeding from her hands and feet. Yes, dear readers, we’ve got ourselves a full on stigmata situation. It is even more horrifying because it is still happening: we watch as she gets whipped by an invisible cat ‘o nine tails, gets more wounds on her arms and face and finally collapses, blood leaking from her mouth, at which point the entire church finds Jesus with the quickness.

Sam and Dean head out to investigate, and while Sam wants to talk about the Mary shaped elephant in the room, Dean falls back into his usual mode of suppress, suppress, suppress. Unfortunately for Dean this episode is all about bringing up his past trauma, what with our young lady from the top of the hour being a CPS worker. Sam doesn’t fare much better…

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