Falling Water S1:E3 Recap

This show is so good.

Pop Culture Uncovered

Monsters, Most Familiar

Burton’s having dreams of the Woman in Red who Burton (and we) realize he only sees in his dreams. It seems their entire relationship (much like Woody and Busy’s) is only in the dreamscape. Beyond the issue of consent (and it is a huge one) and the fact that she clearly has the power to actively pursue him…the question is why? Is she doing this because she was sent after him or did they simply connect accidentally and he intrigued her enough to keep visiting him?

In the real world Tess goes home, with Miranda in tow, to track down her missing time. Seems her mom, Charlotte – a renowned psychologist with a cult like following – catalogued every aspect of Tess’ childhood, much to Tess’ horror. However, in this instance her mother’s obsessiveness comes in handy. Over brunch – with her older sister, Sabine and…

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