Mr. Perez, Thank you so much

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I have been trying to find the words regarding George Perez’s news of curtailing his con schedule and shutting down his social media site and I am so bummed.

It’s really hard to express how I feel upon hearing the news that one of my favorite creators in comics has decided not to do any more shows in states that supported the President-Elect.

I think this hurts most because while I am not a personal friend of his, I have met him many times over my years of attending comic cons and he is one of the few creators who will stop what he is doing and speak to me. Sure, many of you will say “Well most creators do that.” No, not like this.   I first met Perez back in 2008 at my very first comic con in Baltimore. Perez was hard at work at his table and I didn’t want to interrupt him…

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