Gotham S3:E7 Recap

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Mad City: Red Queen

Hello dear readers, it’s been a minute but I’ve got Gotham recaps ready for you!

Jervis Tetch continues to be the absolute worst. Between desecrating his sister’s body so he can take her blood and use it to mess up the ruling class of Gotham; paralyzing and mind-raping Jim, and generally being awful he may be the first Gotham villain that I have absolutely no empathy for: I just want him to die. Brutally.

Before Jim can get mind-raped, he has to deal with the fallout of his choice from the previous episode, with Valerie giving him the boot because she saw through his gambit to save Lee. Mario isn’t happy about his choice either, though honestly there was no good choices to be made. In any case Mario, and Lee, are getting on my last damn nerve because they could’ve stayed wherever the hell…

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