Supernatural S12:E6

Pop Culture Uncovered

Celebrating The Life of Asa Fox

We begin with a flashback to Mary Winchester being a mothereffing BOSS. Mary takes out a werewolf in Canada and imprints on the child she saves: Asa Fox. He grows up to become a hunter, and a pretty badass one at that, building a huge network of fellow hunters in Canada. Which is why his death has a ripple effect all the way to the US, drawing Jody, who the boys are visiting, to his funeral. Seems they were friends with benefits and were going back and forth on trying to decide if they wanted to be more before Asa was murdered. Dean and Sam accompany her and shite gets real, real quick, when Mary shows up. That’s on topof hunters dropping dead at the wake and Billie showing up to taunt Dean.

In a season full of fantastic episodes this one is…

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