Falling Water – Episode 1 – Sneak Preview

Pop Culture Uncovered

The premise of Falling Water is one of my top ten worst fears: someone interfering with my brain while I’m asleep, so I was already going into this preview with some trepidation. However I, foolishly, thought: ‘How bad can it be?’

The answer is bad: terrifyingly, make you question reality, please Gawd make it stop, what is happening?, levels of bad.

The worst part is that it starts off so benign with your usual television introductions to our main leads. Tess’ (our resident photographer and fashion consultant) introduction is upsetting but comes off as the loneliness of someone who longs for a family more than anything else. Burton, a corporate investigator, (and possibly the hottest man alive whose name isn’t Idris Elba or Jensen Ackles) is getting that itch that something is going on within his company, he’s just not sure whatand his dreams aren’t helping. Things…

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