Gotham S3:E2 Recap

Pop Culture Uncovered

Mad City: Burn The Witch

This Is Your Plan?

Remember last episode when I hoped that Bruce and Alfred had some sort of plan as they basically went full Tony Stark and invited the Court of Owls to come for them? Yeah, there was no plan. These idiots figured that the Owls would come but didn’t think past a list of demands. I cannot with these two. This was some next level stupidity and I’m so irritated I don’t even care about the fact that The Cure!Bruce showed up at Wayne Manor all, ‘Do I belong to you?’

Either Love Me Or Leave Me Alone

Through a series of unfortunate events, Fish escapes with Hugo in tow and immediately runs into the waiting Oswald. These three have such a effed up, disturbing dynamic that I personally find fascinating. They’re intricately tied together, as made explicitly clear in this episode…

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