Insecure S1:E1 Review

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Insecure As F**k

Youtube star and comedian Issa Rae brings us Insecure on HBO a highly enjoyable take on being young, black and a woman in this day and age.  One of the things that struck me about the pilot is how much it spoke to my personal experiences: being the only black girl in a room; catching it from both sides of the white/black divide: to ‘bougie’ and well educated for the black folks and not ‘ghetto’ enough to satisfy the white expectation and need to feel like they’re ‘helping’ you up. It’s a very raw take on the line that most of us have to walk yet it finds the humor in that line in new and unexpected ways.

Issa Rae herself is a delight. There’s a kind of wide eyed innocence to her acting that is adorably refreshing. No matter how much life throws at her she…

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