DC Rebirth Roundup for November 23, 2016

Pop Culture Uncovered

Action Comics #968 (Jurgens/Kirkham): Worried about people becoming despots in the future? Action feels surprisingly relevant given how worried people get every election cycle. Two generic bad guys are out to kill Luthor because he might conquer the universe in the future, and Superman finds himself having to defend him for crimes he hasn’t committed yet. This book has at least three Supermen in it—four if you count the still unexplained Clark Kent—but none of it feels overdone, even if, as we said, the villains are a bit simple. Rating: Three capes out of five.

Batgirl #5 (Larson/Albuquerque): Babs’ Asian adventure wraps up with her fighting the teacher. The only way to defeat her superior opponent is for Babs to do something which I’m pretty sure is impossible…but then, this is comics, and also, Grant Morrison did something pretty darn similar a few years ago in Batman. Fans will…

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