Caleb’s Mother Lied And Really Needs to Apologize to Mrs. Lindsey

Short Little Rebel

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-7-40-50-am-copy This is an example of an out of control mother who has ruined a teacher’s life because of her lies on social media.  She owes a deep apology to Mrs. Lindsey, to Fort Nutter Elementary School and to all the parents and students who attend there.

Ok, I need to take a stand on something important here. There is a teacher in Nutter Fort, West Virginia who supposedly ‘snatched’ a microphone from an autistic boy in a heartless and horrible manner just as he was about to say, ‘Gobble, Gobble’. The boy begins to shout, “Oh no! Oh no!” and his mother begins to bawl on camera. She puts this on social media and says, ” all he wanted to say was ‘gobble gobble!” and ignites a firestorm of anger, disgust, name calling, death threats, petitions to fire Ms. Lindsey, and wishes for every horrible kind of sexual assault on her…

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