Gotham S3:E10 Recap

Pop Culture Uncovered

Time Bomb

Falcone, who’s been background for the most part this season, gets pulled into the melee big time this episode as we find out that Alice Tetch’s blood has had a direct effect on him and his family. We also see that he, in his own way, is trying to protect Jim. It’s a nice callback to the first season where it was established that Jim’s father and Falcone were very close and, along with the Waynes, kept the balance of Gotham. That balance has been out of whack ever since the Maroni family decided to feel themselves and went completely off the rails with the murders of the Waynes and, to a lesser extent, the death of Peter Gordon. Unfortunately, things are about to get worse before they get better as Tetch’s blood begins to take full effect.

Speaking of full effects, Ivy finally reveals who she…

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