Gotham S3:E11 Recap

Pop Culture Uncovered

Mad City: Beware The Green-Eyed Monster

It’s the day of Lee and Mario’s wedding and frankly no one (in the viewing audience) cares. Except, Mario – who is fully infected with Alice Tetch’s blood – is plotting to discredit Jim to ensure Lee never goes back to him. This involves a convoluted plan, his dad’s mob enforcers and crazy eyes and, of course, it works. At least on Lee. Everyone else, with eyes and common sense (including Falcone), realizes that Mario has become a serial killer, gaining a personality but losing his mind in the process.

Meanwhile Barbara drops some knowledge on Ed re: Penguin and his involvement in Isabella’s death. He doesn’t believe her but the seeds of doubt are planted. This leads to Oswald confessing his feelings to Ed and Ed…not returning them. I can honestly say I didn’t know if Ed realizing Oswald had murdered Isabella for…

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