Flash: The Present

Pop Culture Uncovered

Well it’s back to business on Flash with this episode. Invasion! may be over, but Savitar and Doctor Alchemy never left, and thankfully this episode moves onto that remaining thread quickly. As many fans predicted: Julian Albert is actually Albert Desmond, the traditional Doctor Alchemy of the comics, albeit a servant of Savitar on the show. Tom Felton plays that twist about as well as anyone could under the circumstances, which is a shame since Felton’s take as someone who doesn’t tolerate Barry Allen’s shenanigans was fantastic. Speaking of fantastic though, Mark Hamill makes a brief return as the Trickster of Earth-3 and that minute is milked for every ounce of Joker-ish charm it’s worth, which gives way to Barry recruiting the Jay Garrick of that Earth for help and knowledge of Savitar. How Jay knows any of what he does about Savitar’s extremely vague history (something something Speed Force)…

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