Transphobia Continues In the Geek Community

This is unacceptable.

Pop Culture Uncovered

We’ve written once or twice before about the issues that transgender persons face in the geek/nerd communities. However, as with other issues facing our society today, we’re going to keep talking about it until the hate & bigotry stops.

Today, I want to talk to you all about Sophie Labelle. Ms. Labelle is a very talented Canadian artist and cartoonist, has created her own strip called Assigned Male, and is known for tackling the issues of transphobia, transmisogyny, and homophobia directly. She also happens to be transgender.

However, Ms. Labelle was recently the victim of a calculated virtual attack; which not only involved ALL of her comics being deleted from her website and replaced with neo-nazi imagery and bigotry, but she also received thousands of death threats, and had her personal address published in several forums for the hate to continue.

The cartoonist has since gone into hiding, but…

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