Roye Okupe: An Inspiring Immigrant Who Made the Comics He Wanted to Read

Pop Culture Uncovered

PCU bumped into comics creator Roye Okupe this weekend and grabbed him for a quick interview. Mr. Okupe is the founder of YouNeek Studios, a new company with a diversity-based focus which currently produces Malia: Warrior Queen, E.X.O., and WindMaker.

PCU: Why don’t you tell us a little about the company and how you got started.

Roye Okupe: I started YouNeek Studios because I grew up loving superhero stories, but I never saw any from where I was from—Lagos, Nigeria. So I decided to take a chance on myself and follow my dreams and create a comic book company that actually created diverse characters that looked like me.

PCU: So are you an immigrant?  Tell us your story, how you came over here.

Roye: I actually came over here to attend university, college, actually. So I studied computer science, believe it or not, at George Washington…

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